Discover the enchanting allure of the Blue-banded Pitta, its iridescent plumage painting a vivid masterpiece in the lush forests. Nature’s gem, captivating hearts with its vibrant colors and melodious songs.

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This bird’s appearance is truly something special, a bright red jacket makes the perfect backdrop for a glittering blue necklace that sits across their breast!

Meet the Blue-banded Pitta

The blue-banded pitta (Erythropitta arquata), is a species of bird found in the Pittidae family. Known widely as the “Jewel of Borneo,” it is a unique-looking bird, to say the least. Wearing bright red plumage on its belly and sides makes the glittering silver-blue flecks around its neck really stand out. The face is a light tan-orange, while plumage on this bird’s back is a dull blue-green color.


Females of this species are equally as striking in appearance as the males, though under the wings and tail are a slightly different color.

The Blue-banded Pitta is found in Indonesia, where it is native to the island of Borneo.

It is also found in Brunei and Malaysia.


A shy bird, it likes to live in hilly and submontane subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. In these areas, it likes areas of disturbance, like bamboo groves and fallen trees.

Blue-banded Pitta feeds on snails, insects, and similar invertebrates.

Pittas as a species lay up to six eggs in large spherical nests in trees and or shrubs, even at times on the ground.


Due to this bird’s large range, the Blue-banded Pitta is not thought to be under any immediate threat.

Watch this bird right here on the video below:

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